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Court Reporter Washington DC

Court Reporter Washington DC | Court Reporting Agency Washington D.C.

Professional Court Reporter Washington DC

A Washington DC court reporter is a trained professional who takes the spoken word and converts it into English in the form of a written transcript. The court reporter typically uses a stenotype machine and computer-aided transcription software to perform this function. A stenotype court reporter can be a general court reporter or a realtime court reporter. A realtime reporter can provide counsel with an uncertified rough draft transcript (also known as a rough ASCII or dirty ASCII) either immediately following the deposition or shortly after the conclusion of the deposition. Additionally, a realtime reporter can provide an instantaneous feed of the proceedings by connecting her laptop computer to the attorney’s laptop computer. This process can be accomplished with the use of cables or wirelessly. Various software programs exist that allow realtime court reporting in Washington DC, including LiveNote, Bridge, CaseViewNet,and 1360 Transcript Manager Pro.

Deposition and Legal Videography Services by Certified Court Reporting Agency

Planet Depos is a court reporting firm in Washington DC and can provide deposition service in Washington DC or a professional court reporter in Washington DC at a moment’s notice. These deposition services can also be provided in any city around the world. Although there are many court reporting services in Washington DC to choose from, Planet Depos prides itself in providing its clients with highly skilled, experienced and certified court reporting in Washington DC. In addition to finding court reporting services in Washington DC and around the globe, Planet Depos also can assist in locating legal videography in Washington DC. Our digital legal videographers are experienced professionals who can record depositions, site inspections or provide courtroom playback services. A Washington DC videographer is hired on behalf of a court reporter agency in Washington DC to record a legal proceeding.

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Court Reporter Washington DC | Court Reporting Agency Washington D.C.

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