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Planet Depos, LLC is an international legal services company, providing court reporting and related services throughout the United States and abroad. The Company is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with nineteen additional offices throughout the United States and six offices in Asia. We serve our clients' needs in every city and country around the globe and offer the latest technologies, including streaming text and video, realtime to iPads and mobile videoconferencing.

Planet Depos has extensive experience in the management of cases of all size, including state, Federal, ITC, and multi-district litigation and is the only court reporting company that provides its services throughout the U.S. and Asia with no travel expenses. Our secure, complimentary and searchable web repository provides anytime/anywhere access to transcripts and exhibits. No matter what you need or when you need it, the team at Planet Depos Will Make It Happen for you.

Digital Court Reporting

Experienced and professional general and realtime court reporters: CSRs, RPRs, RMRs, RDRs, CRRs and CLRs. We can provide same-day, next-day, expedited, regular delivery and rough ASCIIs.

certified court reporters

Onsite or via the Internet. We support Bridge, CaseViewNet, LiveNote, Summation, Visionary and Transcript Manager Pro. Speak to our technology experts today to learn about all realtime applications.

streaming deposition

We provide seamless text, audio and video streaming, along with a chat feature, without the need to purchase or learn new software. LiveNote streaming is also available.

legal videography

LEGAL VIDEOGRAPHY:                             
To ensure the highest quality, our videographers use digital equipment with Lavalier microphones, a mixer, backdrop, and a simultaneous backup. When you schedule a court reporter and a videographer with us, we provide complimentary transcript-to-video synchronization.

affordable court reporting

PLANET VIEWER:                           
For every video deposition you order with us, we provide a complimentary Planet Viewer. The Planet Viewer DVD contains the transcript synchronized to the video.

legal deposition video ONLINE VIDEO:                              
We upload your video to our secure site giving you and your colleagues the ability to share, collaborate and create video clips.
Litigation Management Spreadsheet

ONLINE OFFICE:                            
Your online office gives you the convenience and freedom of scheduling and accessing your transcript and exhibit files, along with your calendar and invoicing information, when it’s convenient for you.

Legal Case Management

CASE MANAGEMENT:                     
We pair you with one of our highly experienced case managers to ensure immediate response, accountability and 100% satisfaction.

Litigation Support Consulting

LITIGATION SUPPORT:                   
For your convenience, we package all of your transcript files into one single electronic portfolio. The transcript and exhibits can be searched, downloaded and printed. We can also provide LEF, SBF, MDB, CMS, VDF, and YesLaw.

Legal Deposition Checklist

LEGAL DEPOSITION:                   
Need a court reporter or videographer for your depositions anywhere on the planet? Look no further than Planet Depos, where finding a qualified and experienced professional has never been easier.

court reporting emergency support

EMERGENCY SUPPORT:                
Your emergency becomes our emergency. Call us 24/7 at 888.433.3767 and we will be there for you.

Court Reporting Help

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT:                
Our technology managers are available to assist you whenever the need arises.

deposition conference room

CONFERENCE ROOMS:                    
We will happily arrange for a conference room for your deposition or meeting in any city.

legal video conferencing

Our experienced videoconference coordinators make all the arrangements for your videoconferences throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our sites include an attentive support staff for your needs during the videoconference.

Court Reporting Firms Contracting

We can set up a dial-in number for your deposition or meeting at a moment's notice.

Courtroom Video

Our talented video editors can create an impressive finished product for presentation to the judge, jury, arbitrators, mediators or claims adjustors. We can provide media and file conversion, as well as duplication, linear and non-linear editing and audio enhancement.

Video Pre-Trial Depositions

We partner with experienced trial technology professionals who will help you win your case with powerful presentations.

courtroom playback

Our experienced technicians bring state-of-the-art equipment to the courtroom to ensure flawless playback.

Court Interpreter

Trying to find a competent and reliable interpreter for your deposition, trial or hearing can be a challenge and often can end in disappointment.  Rely on us to do the pre-qualifying and screening for you.

Legal Transcription Service

Whether you have an audio (regular or mini) cassette, VHS tape, CD, DVD, web link or other digital format, our transcription coordinators can provide you with an estimate and offer assistance in handling and transmitting various file formats and will transcribe your media accurately.

Court Stenographer

Planet Depos has experienced professional and certified stenographers to cover arbitrations, mediations and depositions around the planet.

Planet Depos Nationwide Court Reporting Services
Find Court Reporters

Our experienced court reporters, videographers and production staff can assist you with realtime court reporters, Internet text and video streaming, video editing, courtroom playback, pre-trial and trial consulting and case management. 

We can provide all of these services on a moment's notice and on an expedited basis. In addition, when you schedule the court reporter and videographer with us, the synchronization of the transcript and video is complimentary.

Rockville Court Reporting - Fairfax County Court Reporting - Baltimore Court Reporting -District of Columbia Court Reporting - Greenbelt Court Reporting

Planet Depos International Court Reporting Services

We have expanded our offices in the following international locations:

Tokyo Court Reporters - United States Embassy, 1-10-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420

Osaka Court Reporters - American Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, 11-5 Nishitenma 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8543

Seoul Court Reporters - 27F, West Center, Center 1 building, 67 Suhadong, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-210

South Korea Court Reporters - Seoul World Trade Center Trade Tower 159-1 Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hong Kong Court Reporters
- 20/F 100 QRC, One International Finance Centre, 1 Harbour View Street Hong Kong

Taipei Court Reporters - Walsin Xinyi Building, 11/F, 1 Songzhi Road, Taipei, 11047

Set up Secure Video Conferencing Worldwide

With one call to our office, we can arrange and secure a videoconference facility in virtually any city in the world. By conducting your deposition or meeting via videoconference, you can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating travel time and expense.

Court Reporting Services in Metro Areas

PlanetDepos has full service litigation support in almost every major city in the United States. Cllick on the area that you are most interested in.

Atlanta Court Reporters - 260 Peachtree Street NW Suite 2200, Atlanta, GA 30303

Boston Court Reporters - 60 State Street Suite 700, Boston, MA 02109

Chicago Court Reporters - 200 South Wacker Drive Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60606

Dallas Court Reporters - 100 Crescent Court Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75201

Houston Court Reporters - 1200 Smith Street Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77002

Los Angeles Court Reporters - 515 South Flower Street Suite 3600, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Miami Court Reporters - 201 S. Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2800, Miami, FL 33131

New York Court Reporters
- 41 Madison Avenue Suite 2500,New York, NY 10010

Philadelphia Court Reporters - 1650 Market Street Suite 3600, Philadelphia, PA 19103

San Francisco Court Reporters - 71 Stevenson Street Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105

Seattle Court Reporters - Columbia Tower 701 Fifth Avenue Suite 4200, Seattle, WA 98104

Our court reporters that are used in litigation support and litagation discovery can be found as members in state, city, and federal court reporters associations. A court reporting association is an assn of certified court reporters by the board of court reporting

National Court Reporting Services with Offices

Court Reporting Washington, DC
Court Reporting Virginia
Court Reporting Maryland

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